Arnot Health

When the second-largest employer in Chemung County was ready to turn their marketing efforts toward the internet, they contacted us. What began as just a small Facebook presence to generate buzz for a new medical facility in Troy, PA quickly evolved into a full-fledged social media presence that continues to grow each day. Arnot Health recognized the need to compete online by reaching out to a larger region using search engine optimization and social media. At CreAgent, we’ve helped the healthcare system reach that larger audience, while staying consistently branded and on-point with Arnot Health’s identity.

In addition to developing a comprehensive social media campaign, we have become responsible for all commercial and internet videos created under the Arnot Health brand. We produce, film, and edit all YouTube and commercial advertising production for the system, and work closely with Arnot Health’s graphic designers to ensure that all digital, television and social campaigns complement traditional and print media placements.

Basically, what started as a small project on Facebook became, and continues to be, a full fledged, integrated marketing and public relations strategy; one which has helped solidify Arnot Health’s position as one of our region’s most utilized healthcare providers.

Feel free to take a look at our ongoing Heart of the Athlete campaign below.