Hand + Foot

We don’t just consider ourselves social media experts, others do as well.

In the summer of 2015, the national Wine Bloggers Conference visited the Finger Lakes region of Upstate New York for the first time. To the joy of many local businesses, the conference was headquartered in the heart of Downtown Corning. 350 of the country’s most influential writers were ready to explore the region’s wine, food and culture, with their downtime spent enjoying the many unique opportunities that Corning, and it’s businesses, had to offer.

Dan and Laury Morton, owners of Hand + Foot, knew that they were in for a huge weekend. We had worked with them closely in the beginning of their business by designing its website and helping to establish the brand through some strategic consulting. A year later, Hand + Foot was easily one of one of Corning’s most desirable food and beverage options, consistently busy from lunch to after hours, seven days a week.

Admittedly, Dan and Laury are the ideal business owners. They’re hands on, involved, strategic in everything that they do, confident and willing to seek some outside help when it’s needed. Hand + Foot’s Facebook and Instagram channels are active and engaging, but they recognized the value of having an active Twitter presence while the bloggers were in town, a group of individuals who generated roughly 2.1 million tweet impressions in three days. Hand + Foot knew they were going to be talked about, they just needed to be more involved in the conversation.

Dan and Laury approached CreAgent in the days leading up to the bloggers’ arrival and asked if we’d be interested in managing Hand + Foot’s Twitter account over the course of the conference. We were more than willing, of course. We made a point to insert the Hand + Foot brand into all relevant conversations, responded to all inquiries quickly with relevant information and, for all intensive purposes, positioned Hand + Foot as the leader of Corning’s restaurant culture.

In the three days the Wine Bloggers Conference was in town, Hand + Foot’s Twitter account enjoyed 2,500 tweet impressions and countless replies, retweets and favorites. The activity resulted in over 50 earned media mentions in blogs and news articles from across the country, and established Hand + Foot as a “must-visit” location in not only Corning, but all of the Finger Lakes region as well. You can see some of those interactions below: