Making Schools Safer

We’ve been with Making Schools Safer since day one.

Phil Tkacik and Joe Wasielewski were just two guys with an idea. They believed that by adding a metal screen to the windows and doors of school buildings, the building’s security could be increased significantly.

The BackSTOP Intruder Deterrent Screen is a perforated metal screen securely fastened to the interior of the door that acts as a shield behind the glass. With multiple aesthetic options, the BackSTOP is different from other forms of intruder deterrent because it does not create an aura of fear or entrapment during every-day use.

Phil and Joe believe in their product, and so do we. From the ground up, we’ve helped them create the BackSTOP brand. From its website and logo design to the messaging that revolves around its corporate identity, we at CreAgent have played a significant role as a product consultant. We’ve produced BackSTOP’s product shots, both photo and video, and have helped determine which business to business sales tools and marketing strategies will ultimately lead to the strongest relationships between Making Schools Safer and the organizations that the company hopes to partner with.

Our relationship with Making Schools Safer is unique in the fact that as it grows, we do too. As Phil and Joe continue to grow their business, we’re constantly responding to new and pressing issues within the demand of the security industry to ensure that their growth is supported professionally in a strategic and proactive manner.