Urban Corning

Urban Corning started as one man’s personal blog in 2008. For several years, the blog focused on content related to Corning, New York and its surrounding area while growing a small, yet active, readership along the way. We were handed the Urban Corning web presence in 2013, and since then have invested time and energy in a comprehensive social media strategy, thus inserted the brand across a variety of platforms, while increasing readership and everyday engagement.

Including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, Urban Corning content is now enjoyed by a diverse audience across various platforms. A successful Facebook presence, reaching over 6,000 unique individuals a week, sends roughly 500 of those readers to the Urban Corning website any given day. As we’ve grown the brand’s Facebook and web presence organically, and continue to focus on specific, strategic content, we’re seeing more and more Urban Corning content reach a level of virality.

Get this: A single Facebook post highlighting a random act of kindness saw an organic reach of 35,000 people, and sent 10,000 of those same people to the Urban Corning website. Nowadays, organic reach of that caliber is nearly unheard of, yet the Urban Corning brand continues to share content that enjoys active engagement in the thousands.

To supplement Facebook and the website, an Instagram account with hundreds of followers and a fledgling Twitter presence continue to engage a social audience and associate the Urban Corning name with the arts, culture, food, drink, and world class entertainment that can be found throughout our own little part of the Finger Lakes. We believe that a social strategy should be cyclical. Urban Corning’s social presence sends readers to its website, and vice versa. To ensure a fluid transition, a responsive mobile website design complements Urban Corning’s social media presence well, allowing people to enjoy content across the spectrum on a variety of different devices.

Essentially, what was once just a personal project has grown into a fully developed online brand thanks to an active, strategic social media strategy. But don’t just take our word for it, check out what some Urban Corning readers have had to say…